Abundant Technology for Creating Quality Products

Hsin Yi Screw Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, specializes in the integration of screws and thread rolling die with molds, the main product includes all types of hose-clamp screw, high torque T bolt, secondary processor screw, rivet and pins. Since our establishment, the company has followed a pragmatic management spirit and has accumulated rich manufacturing experience. With excellent word-of-mouth from our clients our sales performance has continued to growth. To produce the perfect product, we invested heavily in brand new automated equipment and put in extra care to each of our products a work of art.

Industry Leading Equipment

To produce the highest quality product, we use the best quality steel, precision production equipment, and employ projector-testing instruments to ensure product precision. Production equipment inside the plant include heading machines, multi-stroke forming machines, dual blade grooving machines, American horizontal rolling machines, secondary processor, CNC lathes, and CNC grinders. In addition, we lead the domestic industry in importing automated mold storage from Germany which allow us to automate mold management. In response to global competition, we have introduced the SPC procedure management, and we hope to become partners with international manufacturers.

Strict Control of Production Procedures

Provide best quality products is our promise to customers. Every detail, from the purchase of raw material to product delivery is strictly controlled. The use of quality management lab allows us to ensure quality more precisely. Thus, our product quality always surpasses the expectations of our customers. Our testing equipment includes triple-point thread measuring device, eccentric (tilt) measuring device, height gauge, horizontal projector, micro hardness tester, cutter/grinder, plating measurement X-Ray machine, video projector, and torque tester. With the participation of the entire staff, we obtained the ISO9000 certificate since1990.

Continuous Innovation and Superior Technology

Innovation is the key to our success. Our expert personnel are continuously challenging new products and technology. At the same time, we are using integration technology to upgrade automation and develop peripheral equipment. During development, we take the environmental protection as priority, automation as the objective and humanization as the direction to add value of our products. Product can be also customized based on the requirement of the clients by our own professional design team.

Moving Toward Sustainable Development

Customer support and recognition are keys to our long-term development. In the future, we will continue to follow iron discipline, steel quality, and golden satisfaction principles in our quality policy. We will use professional knowledge, technology, and continuous investment in product development and talent to improve our competition. By providing products that are closer to customer needs, working with enthusiastic attitudes, and giving attentive services, we will continue to win customer recognition, reach sustainable development, and sustainable management objectives.

A Green Enterprise that Protects the Earth

As a member of the global community, we also value the environment. In response to the increasing severity of climate change and global warming, our company keeps improving equipment to reduce waste generated during production and even developed de-oiling machines, oil purifiers, screw cleaning machines, environmentally friendly threading use oil collectors and etc., these also helped our production efficiency, and in the meanwhile we also introduced these equipment to peers that are also willing to protect the earth.