High Torque Bolt for Hose Clamp

Hsin Yu Screw Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, specializes in the integration of screws and thread rolling die with molds, the main product includes all types of hose-clamp screw, high torque T bolt, secondary processor screw, rivet and pins.
Since our establishment, the company has followed a pragmatic management spirit and has accumulated rich manufacturing experience. To produce the perfect product, we invested heavily in brand new automated equipment and put in extra care to each of our products a work of art, this is also to provide an environmentally friendly working area that we believe is the only way for sustainable business.

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Our Products

Continuous Innovation and Superior Technology
Innovation is the key to our success. Our expert personnel are continuously challenging new products and technology. At the same time, we are using integration technology to upgrade automation and develop peripheral equipment. During development, we take the environmental protection as priority, automation as the objective and humanization as the direction to add value of our products. Product can be also customized based on the requirement of the clients by our own professional design team.

We also invested on manufacturing efficiency. Improve, design and manufacture machines based on our own rich production experience. Our conveyor and de-oiling machines can be also applied to other small metal parts manufacturing.

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